From the vitalmtb.com forums:

"Ask anyone in that limited scene who has been around a while who the most important film maker is to trials and they will invariably say Reed Merschat. I say film maker because Reed used "film" in his videos too. Revolution and Evolve are trials icons. Contact was one of the first videos to showcase a new trend of street riding. Guys like Ryan and Jeff were big parts of these movies before they were in Kranked or NWD.

This video (and the predecessor Revolution) may be dated today but a little over ten years ago, these videos opened up a whole new world of what was possible on a bike to my friends and me. Trials used to be a regular and pretty big part of Sea Otter, it used to be around the nationals when those were big events, and it made me love the freedom of riding a bike."


Intro Jon Cougar Concentration Camp - Reece's Feces
San Francisco 88 Fingers Louie - Elmers
Monterey FYP - Hungover Girl
Los Angeles Jon Cougar Concentration Camp - My Favourite Place
NYC Dillinger Four - Supermodels Don't Drink Colt.45/Shut Your Little Trap, Inc
Philadelphia Decay - Tattoo
Pennsylvania Chaniwa - Little Dog
JJ Gregorowicz The Fairlanes - Last Sunrise
Ryan Intro The Gamits - Sweet Valley High
Vancouver The Lillingtons - I Need Some Brain Damage
North Shore Decay - Break Away
Seattle Oblivion - Meanwhile, Back On The Satellite
Colorado The Gamits - Dead Like An Enemy
Final and Credits Fifteen - Evolve

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