Kranked 4 - Search For The Holey Trail

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Intro Funk Kin - It's on
Intro Wicked Lestor - Son of a Man
Intro Wicked Lestor - Stack it up
Spences Bridge Wicked Lestor - IndoSwing
Quebec Zebrahead - I Am
Spain/France Wicked Lestor - Deep Dirt
Fight Wicked Lestor - Steel Head
The Shore Junkie XL - Legion
Morocco One Minute Silence - On Deaf Ears
Australia Funk Kin - Know 'bout the Funk
Switzerland One Minute Silence - Fish out of Water
Morocco Chase Wicked Lestor - Take the Cup
Montreal Ryan Leech Bomb the Bass - Beat Dis
Utah/California/BC Powerman 5000 - Good Times Roll
Mexico Sprung Monkeys - Greta
Wrap-up One Minute Silence - Food
End Credits Wicked Lestor - Let's Ride

Data compiled with help from Dzu @ Forums

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