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  • 2007


This new and innovative film by Ryan Gibb features fresh and original riding such as huge canyon gaps, large step-ups, fast paced trail riding and progressive dirt junping. This 16mm film is integrated with first rate cinematography, unique editing and a killer soundtrack that can stand in its own. All of these elements combined will get you doing what we all love most, riding our bikes.

Starring Suspects: Tyler Klassen, Chris Duncan, Randy Spangler, Dustin Adams, Matt Hunter, Mike Wilson, Dangerous Dan, Kyle Proznick, Mike Laudrum


  Styles of Beyond - Superstar
  Rise Against - Generation Lost
  Mike Wilson A Static Lullaby - A Shooting Star That Destroyed Us Al
  Statistic - A Flashback
  Matt Hunter Vegitation - Rootman
  Dan Cowen
Mike Laudrum
Milemarker - Shrink to Fit
  Dusty Adams Reggie and the Full Effect - Apocalypse Wow
  Murder by Death - Those Who Left
  Kyle Proznick Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon
  Statistic - A Flashback
  Randy Spangler The Rise - The Fallacy of Retrospective Determinism
  Chris Duncan LMNO - Always
Super T
The New Transit Direction - Survival 101
  The Kinneson - Hey Hey Hey

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