Kranked 6 - Progression

Kranked 6 takes a fresh new approach to filmmaking. Instead of riding existing trails or lines built by the film crew, the riders themselves design their own trails to showcase their craft. In his new movie - Progression, Bjorn asked riders like Steve Romaniuk, Ryan Leech, Ben Boyko, Jamie Goldman, Steve Peat, Kirt Voreis, Mike Kinrade, Eric Porter and Nathan Rennie to build and ride their own lines. The result is Kranked 6.

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Intro Wicked Lester - Electric Volcano
  Ben Boyko Cusrtis Santiago - Live and Direct
  Trent Kidd Wicked Lester - You Can Hang
  Eric Porter Wicked Lester - Magic Horn
  James Doerfling Bigstuff - Heartbreaker
  Steve Romaniuk Wicked Lester - Poacher
  Kirt Voreis Wicked Lester - Funky Shit
  Jamie Goldman Wicked Lester - Archibald
  Nathan Rennie
Steve Peat
Wicked Lester - Chop It Up
  Ryan Leech Wicked Lester - Kong
  Mike Kinrade Wicked Lester - Commited
Credits Jahranimo - Move

Data compiled with help from Dzu @ Forums

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