Shot in 2 Continents, 4 Countries, 12 States and featuring 13 International Mountain Bike Races HYPNOSIS: Visual Intensity picks up right where the ever-popular Synopsis left off. Hypnosis documents the 2005 season of mountain bike downhill and 4x racing with an intense and personal look into the sport of mountain bike racing, like its never been done before. Witness every major North American race, then fly across the Atlantic for the World Championships and the World Cup Finals. Travel with the who's who of mountain bike talent including Sam Hill, Andrew Neethling, Nathan Rennie, Jared Graves, Steve Peat, Chris Kovarik, Brian Lopes, Bryn Atkinson, John Kirkcalide, Ducan Riffle, jill Kintner, Mick Hannah and more. Hypnosis doesn't feature cliffs, hucks or stunts, just flat out mountain bike racing. Get ready to open your senses because hypnosis is here.


  Unearth - this lying world
  Del the funky homosapien - mistadobalina
  The faint - let the poison spill from your throat
  Rocket from the crypt - I'm not invisible
  Saves the day - holly hox, forgets me not
  Ugly duckling - dumb it down
  Motley crew - kickstart my heart
  Fannypack - system boomin'
  Z trip - check the skillz
  Jurassic 5 - a day at the races
  Yeah yeah yeahs - y control
  Rocket from the crypt - cavior faire
  Fun lovin' criminals - the fun lovin' criminal
  Le tigre - tko
  Eyedea and abilities - one twenty
  Dj kool - let me clear my throat (old school remix)
  Sarah hotnights - rockaway beach
  Iggy and the stooges - raw power
  Rancid - you don't care nothin'
  The hives - abra cadaver
  Teddybears STHLM - yours to keep
  Zebrahead - rescue me
  Rise against - rumours of my demise have been
  Suicidal tendencies - you can't bring me down
  Rocket from the crypt - lorna doom
  Rjd2 - good times roll, part 2
  H.I.M - Sigillum diaboli
  Kottonmouth kings - positive Vibes

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