Won't Back Down

For the past 15 years, Steve Peat has established himself as the world’s best downhill mountain bike racer. 8 British Championships, 3 world cup overall titles and 17 world cup wins have made peat a virtual household name in the sport.

However, Peat had not won a world cup in years and had still never worn the crown of world champion. Many thought he was past his prime. They were wrong.

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  Alberto Bof - A New Start
  Bat for Lashes - Glass
  Timmy Curran - Lonely
  The Limited - New Day Rising
  Alberto Bof - Too Soon
  Alberto Bof - Fast Track
  Alberto Bof - Merlin's Wrath
  Alberto Bof - Adrenalize
  Alberto Bof - When the Moon Sets
  Mobius - I Am Steve Peat
  Reverand and The Makers - Heavyweight Champion of the World
  Alberto Bof - It's Not Over Till It's Over
  Gold Fields - Closest I Could Get
  Alberto Bof - Push
  Alberto Bof - Up
  Alberto Bof - Rainy Day
  Alberto Bof - 2 Stones
  Alberto Bof - Clouds on the Horizon
  Lucero - Union Pacific Line
  Alberto Bof - Concrete
  Alberto Bof - Red
  Alberto Bof - Blue
  The XX - Missing
  Alberto Bof - A New World
  Lissie - Go Your Own Way
  Flunk - Play
  Ecstasy - White Limos
  Flight Facilities - Claire de Lune (ft Christine Hoberg)
  Gold Fields - Happy Boy

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