CRUX defined: A particular point of difficulty. This singular word describes the riding formula in the film. Each and every line that the featured athletes, Ryan Leech, Dylan Korba and Thomas Ohler ride has a CRUX. These three riders, aggressively pursuing Leech's Manifesto style, execute mind-bending feats of bike mastery. Combining sheer difficultly with an elegant and creative style, CRUX is a film that redefines technical riding standards.

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Intro Corduroy Kid - 395
  Ryan Leech Corduroy Kid - Sonic Pleasure
  Thomas Ohler Corduroy Kid - Raw Dough
Austria Ryan Leech Corduroy Kid - Flood This Town
  Dylan Korba Corduroy Kid - Mood Ruff
  Ryan Leech Corduroy Kid - Give This Take That
  Ryan Leech Corduroy Kid - Bring Out the Sunshine
End Credits Corduroy Kid - Sundown

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