Chain Reaction 3

Yet again. The sickness continues with Chain Reaction III. You will be thrown into the saddle to experience downhill madness that only the DH Productions stable of knuckleheads can deliver.

The tradition of brutality is upheld with broken bikes, bones and blood. Everything that you have come to expect from three time Emmy Award producer/director Don Hampton.


  Metox - Step Forward
  Ill Nino - I am Loco
  Motorhead - The Road Crew
  Biohazard - Shades of Gray
  Dust to Dust - Submission
  Stubborn All-Stars - Glimmer Of Hope
  The Little Kingz - Get Up Stand Up
  Pilfers - Mr. Exploita
  Fear Factory - Cloning Technology
  Dry Kill Logic - Nightmare
  Metox - Issues
  Lane Eight - Vidiot
  Voice of Reason - For you
  Dust To Dust - New Low
  Beyond The Embrace - Mourning In Magenta
  Biohazard - Last Man Standing
  Pennywise - Society
  Millencolin - No Cigar

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