re-Focus charts the ups and downs of the 2007 summer race season. Come rain, snow or occasionally sunshine, the best riders in the world descend on tiny mountain towns to race the clock. This was a season where luck played almost as big a part as skill for many, but for one rider luck simply wasn't needed.

Sam Hill destroyed the Euros on their home turf, proving once and for all that he is the man to beat on any track in any conditions.

Featuring all of the European rounds of the UCI World Cup Series, the amazing World Cup Championships at fort William and several other selected European races, re-Focus is all about the racing. Also featured are rider sections from some of the worlds most underrated pinners.

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Vigo WC Ms Manikin - Wonderboy
  We Are The Physics - Bullimia Sisters
  Ivan Oulego
Pasqual Canals
Rush Hour Soul - Sixteen
Campery WC Hip Parade - Katie Goes Dancing
  Roland Shanks - Cutting Teeth
Morzine Mike Skinner Dave Green - The Boys Will Be Out
Leogang Conway - Don't Waste Your Tears
  Claudio Cozzi
Marco Millivinti
Bloomfield Underground - Bedroom Blues
Schladming WC Kalena - Eastern Block
Q-Bikes Kalena - Above All Reason
Maxxis Cup Kalena - Bare to the Floor
  Sabrina Jonnier
Tracey Moseley
Underground Heroes - Dolly Boys
Chris, James Jag - Lover In Handcuffs
Caersws Surf City - Headin' Inside
World Champs Fortune Drive - My Girlfriend's an Arsonist
  Howard Roark - You Got The Moves
  Fabien Barel The Crooks - Lies
Maribor WC Roland Shanks - August
  Conway - Dirty Tricks
End Credits Stilltide - Flyaway

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