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Australia is home to many of the world's fastest and most successful down-hill mountain bikers. For the past several years, riders such as Nathan Rennie, Chris Kovarik, Jared Graves, Jared Rando, and 'Sik' Mick Hannah have shown the world what Aussies can do on a racetrack. Now, a new group of younger Australians are looking to make their mark on the world scene. Sam Hill, at 22 years old, fits between the two groups, and is firming his reputation as the most talented rider on the planet.

TIA is an explosive documentary that delves deep into the lives of the top riders who have given Australia its reputation, explores the challenges faced by the younger riders trying to establish themselves in a sport that takes everything you have to succeed, and asks the question; what makes Sam Hill so damn fast?

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Intro Oseven - The Incredibles
  Nathan Rennie The Temper Trap - Sunday Painter
  Rhys Willemse Grafton Primary - Hidden Cycle
  Joel Bain My Secret Circus - War Games
  Jared Graves The Hard-Ons - Bubble Bath
Talking Joeb - Far Away
  Shaun O
Glen Wilson - Detour
  Jared Rando
Amiel Cavalier
Dekannen - Thirteen
  Bo Percival - Night Giants (2 Minutes To Midnight Mix)
  Ben Cory Only The Sea Slugs - Love Is Dead
  The Meaning Of - The Alligator Festival
  Paper Scissors - We Don't Walk
  Chris Kovarik The Meaning Of - The World Got In The Way
  Joeb - Hold
  Sam Hill The Meaning Of - For You
  Bo Percival - SLP (SHS Breaks Mix)
  Diamonds - Waste Land
  Mitch Delfs My Secret Circus - No Cure
  The Temper Trap - Sirens
  The Temper Trap - My Sun
Conclusion The Temper Trap - Peter Parker's Alter Ego
Credits Pott Street - Reminice

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