Barred for Life

"Barred For Life" is sure to land its spot on your actions sports shelves. With the sickest riders in the industry, throwing down the craziest tricks to date AKA "first ever Flip double Whip on an MTB" and flipping huge road gaps. This movie will keep you on the edge of your couch for sure. Join us on a new chapter in MTB as we continue the "Barred Series" and our amazing trips with our good buddies around the globe.

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Intro Trond Hanson Justice - Genesis hear on youtube
  Steve Romaniuk Turbonegro - The Age of Pamparius hear on youtube
  Cam MaCaul
Andrew Taylor
MGMT - Time to Pretend hear on youtube
  Trond Hanson Swollen Members - Grind hear on youtube
  Kyle Hansen TV on the Radio - DLZ hear on youtube
  Trent Kidd Soul Position - Right Place, Wrong Time hear on youtube
  Jordie Lunn MGMT - Kids hear on youtube
  Ben Boyko Ratatat - Kennedy hear on youtube
  Geoff Gulevich Millz Beat - Are You Read
  Greg Watts Ratatat - Seventeen Years hear on youtube
  Trond Hanson Muse - Feeling Good hear on youtube

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