Life Cycles

Life Cycles tells a spectacular story of the bike, from its creation to its eventual demise. A visually stunning journey, with thought provoking narration, Life Cycles uses Ultra HD to document the many stories surrounding the mountain bike and its culture. Ride along into breath taking natural settings, as we battle the elements, showcase the progression of riding, take a road trip, fix the bike, and show the destruction and eventual creation of trails. Semenuk, Hopkins, Schwartz, McIntosh, McCaul Agassiz, Hunter and Vanderham guide you through this wonderful story. Life Cycles is a celebration of the bicycle, and is sure to entertain anyone who has ever ridden one.

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Intro Data Romance - Intro
Factory Data Romance - Factory
  Ginormous - Night Scenes, Fireworks, The Heavens
Springtime Riding Blockhead - Sunday Seance (Loka Remix) hear on youtube
The Seasons Change Data Romance - Seasons
  Graham Tracey - Powerslide
Praries Data Romance - Saskatoon hear on youtube
Logging Hecq - Above
Trail Building Moby - Flower hear on youtube
  mewithoutYou - In a Sweater Poorly Knit hear on youtube
Driving Bonobo - Recurring hear on youtube
Elements Data Romance - Elements hear on youtube
Bike Repair Aaron Nazrul - Daylight
Finding the Edge Explosions in the Sky - The Birth and Death of the Day hear on youtube
Night Data Romance - Night Section
Credits Drew Danburry - ヒーロー見参 (Hero Kensan)
Trailer Graham Agassiz
Mike Hopkins
Matt Hunter
Cam McCaul
Riley McIntosh
Evan Schwartz
Brandon Semenuk
Thomas Vanderham
Data Romance - Ghosted hear on youtube

Data compiled with help from Kerper and extremebits

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